Volunteers Needed For Two CLSI Projects

Volunteers Needed For Two CLSI Projects
Specimen Collection, Handling, Processing, Set-up, and Interpretation of Fungal Cultures
Due 27 February 2009
Project Revision:
EP17-A2 - Protocols for Determination of Limits of Detection and Limits of Quantitation; Approved Guideline—Second Edition
Due 2 March 2009

CLSI Publishes Guideline on Platelet Function Testing by Aggregometry

Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA—24 July 2007—Given the role of platelets in both hemorrhagic and thrombotic conditions and the rising significance of antiplatelet therapy in controlling platelet function across a broad spectrum of vascular disorders, establishing clear standardization to guide uniformity among laboratories performing platelet function testing is critical. Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI, formerly NCCLS) recently published a new document, Platelet Function Testing by Aggregometry; Proposed Guideline (H58-P), which provides concrete, standard procedures for using aggregometry to assess platelet function in patient specimens with the intent to achieve greater uniformity of results.


Interpretive Criteria for Microoganism Identification by DNA Target Sequencing

Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA—Because of the growing microbial diversity with emergence of common pathogens having rare or unique phenotypic characteristics and new pathogenic microorganisms with poorly defined phenotypes, conventional methods often cannot fully characterize bacterial or fungal isolates, and laboratories are now relying on broad-range DNA sequencing for microorganism identification.