Grant Opportunity for Professional Certification in Biorisk Management

The International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA) is inviting applications for a Biosecurity Engagement Program funded grant to certify the technical competency of individuals engaged in biorisk management practices. The grant will provide funding to cover candidate examination costs associated with obtaining an IFBA Professional Certification in Biorisk Management. Exams will be offered online and through a limited number of in-person paper-based exam sessions for candidates without access to a reliable internet source. Upon successful completion of the examination, certified individuals achieve a high standard of excellence, earn international recognition among colleagues and bring increased value to their employers by demonstrating competence to carry out their responsibilities. For more information about the Certification program, please visit www.internationalbiosafety.org .

Individuals who are interested in applying for the grant are requested to fill out the attached application form and forward by email together with a copy of their curriculum vitae to the IFBA Secretariat at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The deadline to submit your completed application is Friday March 25, 2016.

Please note that preference will be given to candidates who
· are currently based in a country of the Middle-East, North Africa, West Africa or South Asia;
· are proficient in the English language (the exam is only being offered in English at this time);
· possess general knowledge of, and have some experience in the field of biorisk management;
· have responsibility for implementing biosafety, biosecurity and biorisk management programs; and,
· are familiar with the IFBA's Professional Certification in Biorisk Management Examination Content, Sample Questions and References.