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BLS Day Guide to Arrangements

Biomedical Laboratory Science Day, April 15.

In 1996 at the World Congress in Oslo, the General Assembly of Delegates (GAD) agreed to establish a world-wide Biomedical Laboratory Science Day (BLS Day). This day is for the promotion and celebration of the key role Biomedical Laboratory Scientists have in diagnosis and treatment of patients.

The theme for the day is selected by the IFBLS Board of Directors and is related to health issues and support the WHO Millennium Development Goals (MDG's).

BLS Day is an opportunity to promote public awareness of the theme and the contributions made by the profession as it relates to health care.

The theme for 2015 BLS Day is "Patient Safety First"


Health IT Standards for Public Health

health itDear Colleagues,

The Public Health Data Standards Consortium (based in Baltimore, USA) has just released the following two documents related to Public Health Laboratory domain Standards, which might be of interest to you.

"Part 1: HIT Standards in Public Health Laboratory Domain- an overview of HIT standards and their implementation efforts by public health laboratories and national organizations to date, i.e., Where Are We Now, and

Part 2: A Roadmap on HIT Standardization for Public Health Laboratories- a proposed implementation strategy and a roadmap to improve laboratory information management systems (LIMS) interoperability with all its partners and suggestions for future PHDSC-APHL projects, i.e., Where Are We Going." ---- Source: PHDSC, 2012


Point of Care Testing Guidelines and Policy Statement

point of_care_testIn 2008 members from the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) and the European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science (EPBS) took on the task to prepare guidelines for our members on Point of Care Testing.  
The Guidelines for Point of Care Testing and the EPBS Policy Statement approved at their annual meeting in October 2009 in Oslo were distributed as part of the Congress documents prior to Congress. Both documents serve an important purpose and were unanimously adopted by GAD 2010 NairobiKenya.  
To view the IFBLS Guidelines on Point of Care Testing, please click here
To view the EPBS and IFBLS Policy Statement on Point of Care Testing,please click here

Biomedical effects of Lithium

Article about the biomedical effects of Lithium, published in the International Journal Trends in Medicine. PDF (8,83 MB)

Biomedical Laboratory Science Day 2009

BLS Day 2009

The theme for 2012 is: Ethics

According to WHO cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide.

Cancer accounts for 7.9 million deaths in 2007. Experts have made an estimate that about 30 percent of cancer deaths can be prevented.

Worldwide deaths from cancer are projected to continue to rise, and by 2030 there is an estimate of 12 millions deaths.