International Biomedical Laboratory Science Day – April 15th

IFBLS Poster 2018 2International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IAMLT) established BLS Day in 1996 at the World Congress in Oslo, Norway to promote and celebrate the key role of Biomedical Laboratory personnel in diagnostic and preventive health care systems.

Promote and celebrate

The purpose with the BLS Day is to increase the awareness of the role that Biomedical Laboratory Scientists have in providing health care. BLS’ play an important role in diagnosis, quality development and assurance, treatment, research, development, and public health care.

International BLS Day gives our profession a day to promote and celebrate ourselves as a profession.

The theme is selected by the International Body (IFBLS) related with health issues and support the WHO Millennium Development Goals.

BLS Day is the day for Laboratory personnel to promote awareness of our profession and the key role played by Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in the diagnosis and treatment of patients and research in the modern medical sciences.

The theme for 2017 is:

Antibiotic Resistance: Biomedical Laboratory Scientists respond to the global threat

Importance of BLS Day

Biomedical Laboratory Scientists are one of the largest groups of health care professionals yet our role in medicine is poorly understood by the patients and their families and even our colleagues within health care administration.

A Biomedical Laboratory Scientist finds out the causes of the disease which ensures better treatment and cure. We understand the work we do and its significance to the patients. We are the experts in our field and the very best people to carry our message.

Guidelines for celebrating BLS Day can be found at http://ifbls.org/images/BLS_Day_Guide_to_Arrangements_Revised_2017.pdf 

On behalf of the IFBLS’ Council we hope that you use the BLS Day actively and promote the BLS’ professional skills and contributions to ensure good health services.

Happy BLS day!

Advisory Group Request Letter

May 26, 2016

Dear Colleague,

The IFBLS Board of Directors would like to revitalize and reorganize the previously known Expert Groups. We have changed the name to the Advisory Group in each specialized area, such as the Advisory Group in Microbiology or the Advisory Group in Clinical Chemistry. Each group will be chaired by a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist who is a known expert in the specific discipline. Each group will have 4-5 other discipline specific experts who will assist the chair on various tasks.

IFBLS has a working relationship with the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute. We are a Category A liaison to ISO/TC 212 and we want to use the Advisory Groups to assist in document review or projects on behalf of IFBLS.

The experts we want will have published articles in peer reviewed journals and are considered an expert in their respective discipline. We are going to phase in this Advisory Group project and would like to start with one discipline, Microbiology.

We are recruiting members of the Advisory Group in Microbiology. If you are aware of any BLS who would like to become involved in this important endeavor, have them submit a curriculum vitae and a list of the published articles. From these submissions, the Board of Directors will select the most suitable candidates.

This is the start of an exciting collaboration with other BLSs in the world. To be part of a group who help shape standards in laboratory medicine will be a rewarding experience. I hope you will encourage members of your Association to participate in the IFBLS Advisory Groups.

If you have any questions, please contact Executive Administrator Janna Malseed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Tom Stowe
Advisory Group Request Letter

IFBLS Award Program is now available

DSC 0169A major aspect of IFBLS Congress is the Awards Program.

IFBLS is planning its 32nd World Congress in Kobe, Japan. The International Congress of Laboratory Medicine will be hosted from 31st August to 4th September 2016 and it will be organized by JAMT (Japanese Association of Medical Technologists). The local organizing committee, being led by Yoshifumi Miyajima and Kyoko Komatsu, are very busy planning a great scientific program and an equally interesting social program for delegates from around the world.

The Award Program for 2016 is very interesting and the winners will be announced in Kobe during the Award Ceremony of the 32nd World Congress in Kobe.
On behalf of the IFBLS Board of Directors and the Awards Committee, I would like to remind you that the Award Program is on and all the application forms are available on our website: www.ifbls.org.
The deadline for the application forms are April 1, 2016.

The Award Program 2016 includes:
Nordic Award;
Elisabeth Pletscher Award;
Student Award;
Good Poster Award;
DVTA Continuing Education Award;
JAMT Award;
Past President Award;

Tsukuba Medical Laboratory of Education and Research (TMER) supports the Project of Supporting Overseas Trainee in 2016 which deadline is on March 30, 2016.

We are grateful to all the sponsors of the Award Program.

As Chair of the Award Committee I consider it a great opportunity for development of knowledge and Biomedical Laboratory Science culture worldwide.

I hope all of you will inform all your colleagues about the Award Program .

Kind Regards,
Alba Marzo
Chair, Awards Committee

 pdf The Announcement in pdf