TMER 2019

Tsukuba Medical Laboratory of Education and Research (TMER) in cooperation with the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) is pleased to announce their support of an Overseas Trainee Project in 2023.

TMER and IFBLS will select one international Biomedical Laboratory Scientist (BLS) as a trainee for education in Cytology.

Date:            November 12th – November 19, 2023 (for 8 days)

Course:         Lectures and practical training in Cytology

Place:           Tsukuba Medical Laboratory of Education and Research NPO and Tsukuba University Hospital, Japan

Support:        Airfare up to 100,000 JPY (paid on the first day of training).

                     Living expenses in Japan up to 50,000 JPY (paid on the first day of training).

       TMER will prepare the hotel arrangements for the training period.

                     Welcome and farewell dinner will also be included.

Criteria:       Applicants must be an active BLS, and have support in writing from both their employment supervisor and their National Association who is a member in good standing with IFBLS. The successful applicant will be given a letter of invitation and a certificate of completion from TMER and IFBLS.

Judging:       The IFBLS Awards Committee and TMER Board members will review the applications. Judgment points will include:

                    1. Current CV is attached to the application.

                    2. The winner is expected to outline a Monitoring Plan to share the training knowledge and experience to members in their country.

                    3. Recommendation letters from their employment supervisor, and their National Association President are required.

The deadline to submit applications has closed.  The successful applicant has been notified.