General Assembly of Delegates (GAD)
The General Assembly of Delegates (GAD) is held biennially at a location and on a date or dates determined by the Board of Directors (BOD) and approved by the membership as defined in the IFBLS Bylaws. The date is determined in collaboration with the host for the Congress. English is the official language of the meeting. Translation services are not provided by IFBLS. Traditionally the meeting is held in two parts (Open Forum and GAD) on different days, in conjunction with the biennial congress.  Association and Group Members shall provide the IFBLS Office with the name of their Chief Delegate/Official Representative at least thirty (30) days prior to the GAD. The Office will prepare document packages containing additional reports and information items for these delegates.
Purpose of the GAD
At the formal GAD the elected Board of Directors report to Associate Members on the IFBLS’s progress since the last meeting and receive feedback from the delegates. The financial report, budget and reports from Open Forum are presented. The new Board of Directors is elected during the GAD. The GAD also provides an opportunity for delegates to debate current issues and provide the Board with direction for future activities.
Notice of the GAD
Notice of the GAD shall be given to the Associate Members not less than six (6) months before the day on which the meeting is to be held. Notice will be sent by the Executive Administrator using electronic format (e-mail) unless otherwise instructed by the member. Notice of the GAD shall include the date, time and location of the meeting as well as the following information items: Provisional Agenda, Election Announcement, Process for Nominating Board of Directors, Request for Agenda items as defined in Bylaws.
Agenda of the GAD
A final copy of the agenda shall be sent to all Associate Members at least two (2) months prior to the date of the GAD. Reports and relevant information available at the time of this mailing should be attached. The recipient is responsible for ensuring that documents are circulated to Delegates attending the GAD.